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Want To Expand Your Business With Drop Shipping?

  • Increase Your Cash Flow
  • Sell Popular Products To Make More Money
  • Reduce Inventory Risk To Zero
Do you have an online store and want to expand your products? Or are you an experienced marketer or business owner, but don't want to risk all your money in huge quantity of products that might not sell?

Then drop shipping might help you, BUT wait!

Before you decide with drop shipping, read this first. Here is how dropshipping works:

How Product Outsourcing with Drop Shipping Can Grow Your Business:

  • Zero inventory risk
  • Make money with profitable niche products
  • Reduce employee cost
  • Make your online store bigger, expand your product categories
  • No more stocking wrong products

But here are the risks of drop shipping:

  1. You need to provide time consuming customer service (answer emails and phone calls)
  2. You need to handle returns and most dropship suppliers won’t refund you until product is returned in good condition
  3. You still need to process the payment at your own website with a 3-4% transaction fee
  4. Product quality might not the same as what you have seen at the pictures from the supplier
  5. When the customer gets disappointed, you as the business owner will be blamed for selling poor quality product and NOT the drop ship supplier

With affiliate marketing YOU don’t have these risks anymore

How does affiliate marketing works? 

Very simple.  You place the supplier’s product pictures or text links at your own website. If your visitors clicks on the links it will be redirected to the supplier’s website.  When the visitor complete the purchase at the supplier’s website YOU will receive 20% commission of the sale.  

vita activate

With affiliate programs you no longer need to worry about storing too many products that don't sell anymore. You save you more time than with dropshipping, because don't need to handle the customer and shipping issues. No more returns and complains about product quality. And you almost get the same commission as with dropshipping.

Want to read more about affiliate marketing at Vita Activate? Click Here.

Still want to do dropshipping? Here is how drop shipping works at Chi Dropship

5 Ways Drop Shipping Can Save You Time

  • No more packaging and labelling the products, we do that for you
  • No more paying importing duties and custom clearance
  • No more inventory management, because you don't store the products
  • No more refund handline
  • No more product research
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