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The demand for health products at home is increasing due to increasing health care cost and US government cutting down their budget every year.

Most coming health issues that everybody will have at work are back pain, neck pain, stress, or lack of concentration. Other serious issues are insomnia, obesity, high blood pressure.

If you are looking to start an online health business with drop shipping or expanding your products, the beauty and health sector is a great choice. With growing concern over health and beauty among people, experts believe that this sector will prosper even further. With the baby boomers getting retired, the demand for personal health products is only increasing.

We carefully select our products based on market research and feedback from our resellers. Here is list of hot selling products.

Instead of Drop Shipping You can Also Do affiliate marketing  

How does affiliate marketing works? Very simple.  You place the supplier’s product pictures or text links at your own website. If your visitors clicks on the links it will be redirected to the supplier’s website.  When the visitor complete the purchase at the supplier’s website YOU will receive 20% commission of the sale.  

vita activate

With affiliate programs you no longer need to worry about storing too many products that don't sell anymore. You save you more time than with dropshipping, because don't need to handle the customer and shipping issues. No more returns and complains about product quality. And you almost get the same commission as with dropshipping.

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ChiSoft® Neck Traction

Chisoft neck traction
This hot selling product is great for neck pain sufferers. It is very easy to use and very effective to help reducing pain and soreness of the neck.

  • Most recommended neck traction device by Chiropractors
  • Used by Hollywood celebrities
  • World’s first inflatable neck traction device

Start making money today by selling this hot pain relief product.

Bio Shoulder Heating Pad

Bio Shoulder Heating Pad
This is another hot selling product. This shoulder heating emits far infrared to give maximum relief from shoulder pain. Just put this in the microwave for a few minutes and enjoy the soothing heat therapy. This shoulder heating pad fits all body sizes.

Simply put this around your shoulder and walk around your room. No more hassle with electrical wires.

ChiOndoTM Heating Wrap

ChiOndo Heating Wrap
This heating pad is very effective in relieving arthritis pain. It comes with a cloth belt and Velcro wrap so you can easily put it around your back and shoulder to get instant relief. You can even wear the belt outside while driving or walking to another place.

Simply heat this up in the microwave and keep your body warm for up to 3 hours. Made with ceramic powder, so the heating pad won’t break down even when you put it too long in the microwave.

The ChiOndo heating is only available for drop shipping at Chi Dropship.

Ice Face Roller
Ice Face Roller

This is a great beauty product to relax your skin muscles and reduce puffy eyes. Comes with easy to use roller and a spare part for frequent usage. Did you know that cold therapy also helps soothe the pain caused by surgical facelift? This product is great for people whose skin is inflamed and irritated.

Ice Face Roller
Cervical Traction Device - PROII

Did you know that the number of neck pain sufferers are increasing every year? This is due to incorrect posture at work. We spend many hours behind the computer under high working pressure. In the long term this will create chronic neck pain. This cervical traction can help relieve the neck pain in 10 minutes and even corrects the posture.

Essential Oils
TDP Lamp

This is a very popular infrared heating lamp used by many naturopathic doctors and acupuncturist. Use by millions of people to get relief from arthritis pain, back pain and other join pain.

This is not just a normal heating lamp. This TDP lamp comes with a special mineral plate that emits a special frequency to fasten the healing process of the human body.

Become resellers and make money with this TDP lamp

Essential Oils
Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy diffuser with essential oil is great for stress relief and better sleep.
It comes with a free oil, so you can make more sales.

Insomnia is one the top 10 health issues in North America. With this aromatherapy diffuser you can provide a great product that meets a huge demand.

Essential Oils
Essential Oils

Is another must have item for your online store. Essential oils are very effective in reducing stress or reduce headaches. Chi Drop Ship has different types of essential oils that you can put in your online store. Start selling essential oils today!
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