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It Might Cost Less Than You Think To Create Your Own Website

How To Creat Online Store Almost For Free

There are plenty of different ways for businesses to sell products online, but if you really want control over your business and its success, you will probably want to create your own website. Many sellers who might have looked into building their own online store, may have been put off by the costs involved.

In the past, you might have had to pay for your own domain, hosting, a graphic designer to come up with a look for your store, and then a web designer to build everything for you. And, if you wanted to change anything in the future, it might have cost you even more money. But these days, things have changed.

It's Easier than it's ever been to create your own website

There are now plenty of options available to you if you want to create your own website. With a variety of platforms and software available, setting up and managing your online store is now quick, simple, and potentially a lot more profitable.

Investing in your own online shop could mean more profits

If you're looking to create your own website to sell your products online, it's no longer just a case of it being more affordable, depending on how you're currently selling online, it could actually make you a lot more profit as well. Take a look at this example.

  • If you sold a $20 DVD on the world's biggest auction site, you could end up paying 18% to 20% of your sales to eBay – that's nearly $4 for each one you sell.
  • If you sold the same $20 DVD on Amazon, you could actually end up paying nearly $5 of commission to Amazon.

Now imaging you sold 20 of these DVDs a month, both eBay and Amazon are likely to cost you well over $60 in fees – even with any discounts you might be eligible for!

20 x $20 = $400 - $60 = $340 Profit

On the other hand, a online website site builder charges just $10 a month in fees, and if you still used PayPal to receive the money from your customers, selling the same number of DVDs, at the same price, your cost would only $22!

20x $20 $400 - $22 = $378 Profit


Create your own website and be more competitive too

As well as help your online business to be more profitable, lower costs mean you could actually be more competitive as well. While other businesses have to sell their DVDs for $20 to try and make a small profit, you could lower your price to $18 and still make more profit than them – and attract a lot more customers who are looking for good products at the best price.

Other reasons to create your own website

You'll have a lot more control over how your site looks, how your products are listed, and how you market your online store, when you create your own website. So, aside from the financial benefits of having your own online store, there are a range of other benefits that will help to make your online business more successful, and enjoyable.

Only website builders such as Weebly, Shopify, Jigsy, makes it quick and simple for you to create your own website to sell products online.

And with the support and resources you need to make the most of your online store, you might find that the decision to create your own website is one of the best, and most profitable choices you've ever made.

Setting up your online store is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your ecommerce enterprise, and with solutions like website builders making it as simple and affordable as it's ever been, what are you waiting for?

Most Website Builder Allows You to Try For Free. So if you are not sure which one is good for you, try it first.


Which Website Builder Are There Available
 For Creating Your Online Store

If you want to make a success of your ecommerce enterprise, setting up your online store seems the only way to go. For years now, many businesses, both large and small, have seen the enormous potential of ecommerce websites, and better technology, as well as a growing number of providers, means there are plenty of options for you to get your online store up and running. Here are some thoughts on a few of the more popular solutions.

Jigsy is a relatively powerful solution. It's already proving popular because it seems to combine a number of the best features of the other sites. Building an ecommerce site is quick and simple, with a range of professional looking templates and a user-friendly interface. There's help and support if you need it, and as there's no limit to how many pages you can have, as well as a number of data storage options to choose from, your online store has plenty of room to grow. Best of all, prices start from just $10 a month which could make this the best option for many online sellers.

Weebly has been around for a few years now and started out by providing a place for people to build websites, free of charge. They recently introduced an ecommerce option using the same business model, making it a great place to set up your online store without any costs. It has a user-friendly interface that makes creating an ecommerce site as simple as drag and drop, with plenty of template styles to choose from. While this may be a very cheap way to build your online store, it does have it's limitations. The number of pages and websites you can have is restricted, and you won't be able to back up your online store, unless you pay a fee to upgrade. All in all this might be a good entry level option if you only need a simple ecommerce site.

eCrater is another 'free to use' option if you're looking to set up your online store, although the site was created specifically to allow online sellers to build their own ecommerce sites. Unlike Weebly, eCrater isn't limited, and you can add as many products as you wish. However, there isn't much opportunity to create a different look and feel for your online store, as the site uses very simple ecommerce templates. If you are looking for a cheap option and you don't need much functionality for your online store, eCrater could be a good option.

How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy

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