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The Reduced Risk Way To Greater Sales & Profits

Become a Chi Distributor!

There Two options for You : DropShipping or Join Our Affiliate Program

Increase the success of your business.
When you become a Chi Drop Ship Distributor difficulties and obstacles are reduced and eliminated.

No inventory. No storage. No shipping.

All are worry-free with Chi Drop Ship.

It's all done for you by your Chi Drop Ship supplier

With drop shipping there’s no inventory risk.

Become a Chi Distributor and expand your business!

No time, expense, or worry spent on storing, packaging and shipping the products.

Drop shipping is one of the easiest ways:

to boost your online business

to expand your current product lines

to increase your cash flow

All your focus is concentrated on promoting, marketing, and taking orders.

Become a Chi Distributor and make money with profitable niche products.

You have access to the wonderful Chi Beauty and Health products as your merchandise.

Expansion costs are low.
Risk is virtually eliminated.
All the selling is on the Internet.
There are many Chi Beauty and Health products.

You get your profit up-front!

With Chi Drop Ship you don’t buy a product until the customer pays you first! You receive an order from your customer. Simply login to Chi Drop Ship and place the order. That’s all there is to it!

Your customer information is kept strictly confidential and secure.

We guarantee not to use, release or sell your customers’ information. We do not send promotional material to your customers. Your merchandise is shipped in a plain box. Having Only Your Company name on Your shipping label

But Wait, it Becomes Even Better If You Join Our Affiliate Program


With Affiliate program you don’t to deal with customer service
No Hassle with the Returns and Replacements.
All this is done for you!

What about shipping issues, miss-ships, tracking issues,

damages, defective products, refusals of delivery?

All handled for you by Our Affiliate Program!

Expand Your Business with our affiliate program. Increase Your Cash Flow and Increase Your Sales
Sell Profitable Products without Keeping Inventory

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