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Why You Should Choose Chi Drop Ship program?

  • NO Inventory RISK - No inventory. You sell the product and we deliver it.
  • NO Dropship FEES - No set up fee. No hidden fees.
  • TIME Saving - We ship the product for you, so you can focus on sales
  • SECURE ONLINE PAYMENT (we don't store credit card information)
  • HASSLE-FREE - Return and easy to use
  • 30 DAYS NO-RISK GUARANTEE for your customers

Chi Drop Ship understands the risk of doing business. Starting a new business or growing an existing one is not easy. You might have seen companies stopped their businesses due to cash flow problems. If you have a large inventory and cannot sell it quickly your business is in big risk.

A sudden change in the trend or an economic downturn can change your business completely. If you are starting a new business you might not have enough money to buy large inventory. Here is how Chi Drop Ship can eliminate these risks.

Seven Ways How Chi Drop Ship Program Can Help Your Business

  • Reduce your product risk
  • Increase your cash flow
  • Reduce your inventory risk
  • Reduce your shipping hassle
  • Reduce your labor cost
  • Find recession proof products for you
  • Expand your product lines

Top Five Challenges Every Retail Business Owner Is Facing

  • Cash Flow risk
  • Inventory risk
  • Increasing Labor cost
  • Economic downturn
  • Logistics
  • And moreā€¦

The list of challenges can be endless. But wait, we help can help you! With Chi Drop Ship program you can reduce all or even eliminate all these risks.

How Can Chi Drop Ship Program Reduce These Risks for You?

With Chi Drop Ship program you can reduce your inventory risk and minimize shipping and packaging costs. We store a large quantity of products in our warehouse. You sell it and we ship the product to your customer.

We take care of storage, packaging, shipping as well as proper handling of the products for your customers. Drop Shipping is great business model that helps you sell products without stocking them.

Chi Drop Ship Has Been In The Health and Beauty Industry For Over 5 years.

With our product research team, we find hot selling beauty and health products for you. All these products are practical and in high demand.

Our purchasing department finds the most practical and innovative products and stores these products in our large warehouse for you. Ready for you to sell and make money!

Our Products Help You Make More Money

  • High Quality
  • Innovative
  • High demand
  • Low return rate
Chi Drop Ship > Why Chi Drop Ship
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