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Product Fulfillment Service

We Take Care Of Your Orders While You Run The Store

Join hundreds of E-commerce merchants who trusted Chi Drop Ship to do product sourcing and quickly fill their orders using seamless technology.

We drop ship the products from our own warehouse to your customer. We make sure that the product will arrive intact and on-time to your customer, every time!

With Drop Shipping You Can Save Time and Avoid Many Costly Tasks

By Reselling Our Products (Drop Shipping) You:
  • No longer need to have warehouse
  • No need to buy packing and printing material
  • No need to do labeling and shipping
  • No need to track and count the inventory

A fulfillment service can cost you hundreds of dollars per month for only 20 drop ship orders. In one year the cost add up to $1,000 or more. Why pay for fulfillment service when you can get it for free at Chi Drop Shipping?

Yes, when you resell products of Chi Drop Ship, you will get a FREE fulfillment service. Why? Simply, because we want to help you sell more of our products, so you can make more money.

Monitor Your Drop Ship Orders Anywhere and Anytime

When you become our reseller, you will have access to a custom drop shipping control panel. It allows you to have real-time control over the status of your drop ship orders. No more hassle with faxing orders or lost emails.

Once you have placed the drop ship order in our system, our fulfillment staff will take care of the shipping for you. They will update the order status in the system and you will immediately be notified.

Order Fulfillment Satisfaction Guarantee

Chi Drop Ship has been very successful with customer service and satisfaction in the past 7 years. We have created a order fulfillment satisfaction guarantee.

In the unlikely event that we make a mistake with your drop ship order, we will correct the mistake for you. This includes human error such as shipping the product to the wrong address or shipping the wrong product.

In either case, we will correct the error and re-ship your product to your customer for free. Our staff is dedicated to helping your business grow.
Chi Drop Ship > Fulfilment Service
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