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How Drop Shipping Works At Chi Drop Ship

Our drop ship program is easy to start and our goal is to provide you with the right products and promotional material so you can start making money online immediately.

Our fulfillment staff will handle all the shipping and returns for you. This drop ship program saves you time, so that you can focus on marketing and sales.

1. List The Products for Selling

Put the product pictures and description on your online store.

2. Your Visitor Buys The Product

You made the sale! Customer went to your website and placed the order

3. Receive The Money from Your Customer

You have collected the money from your customer, without paying for the goods yet. The difference between what you charged the customer and the cost of the good is your PROFIT.

4. Process Your Order with Chi Drop Ship

Place your order at Chi Drop Ship, after you have received the money from your customer.

5. Product Shipped to Your Customer under YOUR Business Name

You relax and sit down while we do the work for you. No need to buy packing materials, because we do the labeling and shipping for you!

6. Sell Again and Make Money Again

Make more profit without storing any product. If the product doesn’t sell, you never have to pay for the product.

Things You Don’t Need to Do Anymore while Making More Money

  • No need to carry inventory or pay for inventory upfront.
  • No need to pay for warehouse fees
  • No need to have a shipping account
  • No more packaging and labeling
  • No more wasting money on shipping supplies
Chi Drop Ship > Chi Drop Ship FAQ
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